Pomelines co. is one of the biggest pomegranate fruits suppliers in Africa which have many farms located around the Nile Valley in North and south of Egypt.

Our fruits are planted under the ever sunny atmosphere of the Egyptian lands with the bio-applications of agriculture and according to the Global GAP standard. 



King of fruits

Currently Pomegranate fruit  ( Punica granatum)   is well known for its health beneficial compounds, which can be attributed to its high level of antioxidant activity and total polyphenol content.



Our objective to extract all benefits in safe way to our clients, we believe every pomegranate is sacred, which is why we don’t stop at delicious juices and fruit. We’ve harnessed as much goodness as we can from each pomegranate, inside and out.

And we are proud to give the world so many more ways to enjoy such a wonderful fruits 

Our Quality Policy covers the full range of our products which are produced according to global standards taking into consideration the food safety management principles.

We encourage feedback from our customers to improve our products and discuss all suggestions aimed at promoting our work.

Logistic support, With our own logistic partners, we are able to offer an independent, fast and reliable service. We can handle both group age and complete shipments of perishables. On these runs we carry fresh fruit, vegetables, and others. For more distant destinations we work with a regular network of independent transport companies, all of whom specialize in Transporting fresh products.