Pomelines co. is one of the Modern  fruits suppliers in Africa which have many farms located around the Nile Valley in North and south of Egypt. We are adopting the updated new modern techniques in our processes which allow us to achieve the best results.


Our fruits are planted under the ever sunny atmosphere of the Egyptian lands with the bio-applications of agriculture and according to the Global GAP standard.








TUT and Pomegranate


WHEN, about 3 333 years ago, 19 year old Tut Ankh Amon was entombed in the Valley of the Kings, his entourage apparently tossed in – along with ample golden chariots, thrones, statues, amulets, goblets, cats and other cherished possessions on the other side – some pomegranates.


The young pharaoh, it seems, was not only keen on the health, fertility and rejuvenating properties attributed even then to the fruit, he was also very fond of its flavor – and he was not alone in his partiality.








King of fruits


Currently Pomegranate fruit ( Punica granatum)   is well known for its health beneficial compounds, which can be attributed to its high level of antioxidant activity and total polyphenol content.






 Our objective to DELIVER all benefits in safe way to our clients, we believe every pomegranate is sacred, which is why we don’t stop at delicious juices and fruit. We’ve harnessed as much goodness as we can from each pomegranate, inside and out.


 And we are proud to give the world so many more ways to enjoy such a wonderful fruit.